2017 Top 5 Trending Mens Haircuts

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2017 Top 5 Trending Mens Haircuts

  1. Fohawk Fade

Whether you choose a low or high fade, the fohawk fade is a perfect every day look. This cut looks best with an ultra clean line up and we recommend asking your barber for a fade design of your choice for an even more unique look. 


  1. Hard-Part Pompadour

This classic cut will be sure to turn heads. Perfect if you’re looking for the hairstyle of the everyday gentleman, all the way to a rebel rock god. The hard-part will allow your hair to be styled easily everyday and it’s the perfect 2017 touch to the pompadour. If you’re feeling adventurous, ask your barber to add a mid-fade for a more edgy look. 


  1. High Fade Textured Quiff

Though this cut may take a bit more maintenance, pomade and blow drying, the look is worth it! The textured quiff is sure to give that messy bed-headed badass look, and pairing it with a high fade is the perfect 2017 touch. This cut is perfect with all lengths of hair, but is especially popular among thicker hair with a medium cut.



  1. Spiky Modern Undercut

Believe it or not, spiked hair is back but this time with a modern twist! The undercut is sophisticated and clean cut, while the messy spikes show a more playful side. Great for short to medium hair if you’re looking for everyday volume.



  1. Skin Fade Comb Over

 In 2017, skin is in…especially with fades. This fade will put an even greater emphasis on the longer hair on top. Not only does this cut work for all lengths, but it works with all different styles. This is a dominant cut that demands attention. Try asking your barber to add a hard-part for an even bolder look.


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