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Pacinos Cooling Shave Gel & Pacinos Black/White Series Straight Razor

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Now introducing the Pacinos Moisturizing Shave Gel & Black & White Series Straight Razor Combo! 
Pacinos Shave Gel helps prep the skin providing superior skin conditioning while lifting the hair follicle allowing the Pacinos Gold Series Straight Razor to effortlessly glide across the skin for a perfectly smooth shave. This shave gel is clear making it easy to create detailed beards and goatees. Pacinos Cooling Shave Gel keeps your skin feeling:
  • Cool
  • Refreshed
  • Moisturized
  • Free of irritation during and after the shave

The Pacinos Black & White Series Straight Razor uses a double edge razor blade cut in half or single edge blades. Great for detailing the hairline, beard trims, goatees, and eyebrows. Durable gold plated handle with push carriage blade holder.

Blades are a disposable one time use item that it is NOT INCLUDED with our razors, you can find them at your local supply store or online.